At Water’s Edge clinic, our naturopathic doctors take the time to learn about your health history and help you achieve your wellness goals. Here you can download forms we use to gather important information about you.

NEW PATIENTS: Before you fill out and send us your health history form, please make a new patient appointment: call 206.283.1383 Thank you!

How to complete & return forms to us ~ it’s easy!

  1. Download a form by clicking a link on the forms list. Save the document to your computer. TIP! Save it to your “Desktop” so you can easily find it.
  2. Complete the form using Microsoft Word, Pages, or Wordpad. Save the file as a Microsoft Word .doc file with a new filename that includes your name using the format First-Last-WatersEdge-formname.doc (e.g., “Mary-Smith-WatersEdge-Patient-Health-Record.doc”).
  3. Use the uploader to the right of this page to submit your form. This will ensure the form gets to the right place and we can process it as soon as possible.
  4. Alternatively,Return the form to us as an attachment in email. In your email program, open a new message and attach the MSWord file. In the Subject field of the email message, write the form name. Send email to: